Canary Camo

camo pants canary yellow shirtI adore camo pants! They can be dressed up, worn casually, or (my favorite) used as a neutral. Today I decided to dress my cropped camos up a bit by pairing them with a canary yellow sleeveless blouse. I think the colorless stripes created by the ruffles of the blouse next to the rounded pattern of the pants is a fun contrast.  For jewelry, nothing seemed to accompany camo better than my Mr. T chains and throwback gold hoops. A nude purse and heels help to dress things up without adding additional color. How do you style camo pants?



camo pants, canary yellow shirt, gold chain

Love earring

camo pants, canary yellow shirt

canary yellow shirt, gold chainCamo Pants: Walmart, $15.88
Canary Yellow Blouse: Crossroads, 7.99
Mr. T. Chains: Cititrends, $5.99
Heels and Purse: Aldo, gifted

6 thoughts on “Canary Camo

  1. I wear my camo pants all of the time but never thought to pair them with yellow. Love this look! Thanks for stopping by my blog!



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