I took a few days away from the hustle and bustle of California’s Capital City to relax in serene Lake County. Lake County consists of many small country towns that surround beautiful Clear Lake, the oldest lake in Northern California. I spent most of my time in Nice (pronounced Niece) and Kelseyville. While there, I spent most of my time  relaxing by the lake, taking leisure walks, hanging out with family, and wine tasting.  Check out a few of the highlights. 031


014So peaceful.

walking on the peer Taking it all in.

057The picture doesn’t do the view justice.

016I love this tree with its heart exposed.  How many people live with such an open heart?

038One of the breathtakingly gorgeous wineries.

grapesGrapes in the vineyard.

040Turning colors as they get closer to the harvest.

043Tasting the fruit of Brassfield’s labor!

red wineCan you guess why the wine pictures are so blurry? 😉

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