Hi, I’m J Frost! Welcome to my closet!

Having an affinity for art, I studied graphic design at CSU Sacramento. By no means does this make me a fashion expert! I’m simply a girl navigating through hangers in search of something to wear. This blog is an expression of my fashion beliefs. It’s meant to inspire, aid, but most of all to encourage women like me (professionals, students, moms… of all shapes, sizes, and ages) to find good deals, experiment with their personal style, and have fun doing it!


#1.When it comes to shopping, I’m a firm believer that a cute outfit is ALWAYS cuter when I can snag it for a good deal! 🙂  Therefore, I rarely pay full price for clothes. I shop sales, clearance racks, outlets, thrift, and discount stores. This blog is all about how I make my frugal finds look fashionable!

#2. When you look good, you feel good! Feeling good about an outfit always puts a smile on my face and a spring in my step. When I have that positive attitude people seem friendlier, more helpful, and more complimentary! Receiving compliments for your fashion sense NEVER hurts the ego. 🙂  I hope this site will inspire outfits from your wardrobe that make you feel amazing!

So, if you bought that somewhat plain-looking dress solely because it was on clearance for $10, I’ll show you what to do with it! 🙂  Because you shouldn’t have to spend a fortune to FEEL like a million bucks!


Please note:
Unless otherwise noted, I own the copyright to all photos and text contained on Fashionably Fost. I ask that you please do not re-publish without crediting me or linking back to the original source. Grazie Mille’!

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