Faux Real

faux fur

Happy New Year!! 🙂 Since 2014 was a pretty good year for me, I decided to bring a bit of it into 2015 by remixing an outfit I wore a few months ago to speak at my sister’s women’s event. The event and my outfit were an absolute hit! So I opted to wear the ensemble again today.

For the women’s event, I chose the striped pencil skirt with the tucked-in chambray top to create a sophisticated look with a feminine silhouette. I added the leopard-print belt for a pop of contrast against the perpendicular stripes of the skirt. This was all well and good… for a warm Saturday afternoon. Today ‘s temperatures, however are WAY colder than the summer weather we saw when I originally wore this outfit.

To combat this, I threw on a faux fur vest. The vest was the perfect layering piece to provide the much needed additional warmth. It also took a bit of the professional edge off of the the outfit while adding a hint of luxury. For shoes I chose nude heels to keep things neutral. Gold jewelry finished the look. What faux pieces will you use to remix outfits for the new year?

faux fur

faux fur

faux fur

faux fur

faux fur

Skirt: Target (gifted)
Top: Old Navy, $19.99
Faux Fur: JC Penney, $23.99 (Originally $42.00)
Heels: Aldo (gifted)

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