Bascialy full body3
For years, I have searched for a basic pair of white linen pants to combat the California heat. All to no avail… Until now! I scored these loose-fitting linen trousers for $12.75. And what better to go with them than another basic piece; a black cowl neck tank top. The stark contrast of black and white is so classic! To keep with the basic theme, I decided to go with

minimal jewelry, but add a point of interest with my gold scorpion ring bracelet. What basic pieces with you be wearing this summer?
Bascially top halfBascially full bodyBasically braceletBasically sunniesBasically full body2Basically bracelet2

Linen Pants: Kohl’s, $12.75
Cowl Neck Tank: Nordstrom Rack, $4.47
Ring Bracelet: $15.00
Heels: Nordstrom (Bebe), $90

6 thoughts on “Basically

  1. You look stunning!! 🙂 those pants are such a steal. and i am in love with your ring – it’s super cool ❤


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